Dan Dyce Brings Clarity to Handling Earthquake Claims at October Meeting
Photos by Bryan Harrison - Harrison Promotional Services

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photo of Dan Dyce
Dan Dyce illustrates earthquake event topographical map.
photo of Mather Flowers
SCA members, Bill Laffoday and Lance Harrison look on.
photo of Art and Tom
SCA Board members Jon Aronson and Laura Pulido.
photo of Joan
SCA President, Art Coussoulis, thanks Dan Dyce for his thorough presentation.
SCA member and sponsor Abe Lee.
Dan Dyce showed his Earthquake Monitoring Strong Motion Sensor on permanent loan to the CEA.
SCA members Kim Tamayo and Lisa Schwichtenberg chuckle at one of Dan Dyce's quips.
photo of Art and Tom
Reminder of potential devastation when the next big one hits.

photo of Goldie Markham
SCA Vice President, Melanie Vandevanter welcoming October meeting attendees.

photo of Jon Aronson
Congratulations to Dawn Dawson, with CSAA, on winning the 50/50 raffle!

photo of Barbara Hall and Art
Jaya Mueller and Shiloh McKasson, of ALE Solutions, Inc. join the SCA at the October meeting.

Preparedness and Attentiveness Key to Handling EQ Claims
by Bryan Harrison

All Californians live with the clear knowledge that, one day, the earth will shake mightily again. Still, that reality tends to lurk far away from day-to-day activities for most of us. That is not the case for Dan Dyce.

Response Manager for the California Earthquake Authority, Dyce is very well versed in resources for dealing with EQ related insurance claims. He shared a tremendous amount of that information, and numerous invaluable online resources, with the October 12, 2006 luncheon gathering of the Sacramento Claims Association.

"Bay Area residents under the age of 40," he stated, "have a high likelihood of experiencing a large earthquake in their lifetimes."

Choices for earthquake coverage have improved dramatically since the Loma Prieta and Northridge quakes. Dyce directed that you may choose to self-insure, and hope that FEMA will bail you out. Maximum such benefit is now $26,500. As a business owner, you could get an SBA loan up to $240,000; you may choose to establish a credit line, which you would then diligently NOT use; and/or purchase earthquake insurance for around $250. Two thirds of Californians with earthquake insurance, he stated, have it through the California Earthquake Authority (CEA).

Dan addressed the commonly held conception that earthquake insurance doesn't have much value. In the event of a catastrophic loss, he said, your coverage will be quite good. He did suggest that having a credit line available will effectively ease the burden of meeting deductibles.

He cautioned adjusters to never have a contractor go out and scope an earthquake loss on their own. They, as is their nature, "will write everything," he said.

He covered a lot of ground in a very brief presentation. He provided hand-outs from the USGS, as well as an overview of his PowerPoint presentation. For a more extensive presentation, you may catch Dan Dyce as the keynote speaker for the upcoming PLRB Regional Conference in the south bay Nov. 14-15th.

Earthquake-Related Links provided include:
Latest Earthquakes
Shake Maps (cell phone notification)
Shake Cast (good tool for public feedback)
Earthquake Data - historic
Information by Region
Earthquake Notification Service (ENS)
Pager Service
Did you feel it?
CISN Display of activity worldwide
Seismogram Displays
Aftershock Forecast Map
Longitude and Latitude mapping (a very cool resource)
Northern California Earthquake Data

photo of Maria, Magda, and Janell
Kim Tamayo, Kristen Mayo, Lisa Winn, and Lisa Schwichtenberg at the October meeting.

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