Leeds Shows Magic of Lifting Luck at April SCA
By Bryan Harrison

The Sacramento Claims Association held a memorable luncheon meeting Thursday, April 13, 2017, as they welcomed special guest speaker, Allen Leeds, at the LionsGate Conference Center.

Mr. Leeds, a noted motivational speaker and magician, entertained, tantalized and befuddled members and guests in attendance, while teaching principals to improve one’s quality of life.

Moved from the usual cavernous banquet facility to a large conference room, the gathering had a much more intimate feel than has been experienced in some time. The jovial nature of the magic tricks Leeds treated folks to upon arrival, even before the actual session, added to the electricity in the room.

Following a nice introduction by SCA President Steve Moore, Mr. Leeds began the actual program with a money trick that left SCA Treasurer, Jim McCurley, short a few bucks. By the end of the hour, his $50 bill reappeared from inside a whole lemon.

Mr. Leeds teaches his program L.I.F.T. Your Luck, which deals primarily with developing a more positive outlook on life. While much of his presentation flowed with comedic quips, in the midst of it all he shared about some very difficult circumstances with which his family and, specifically, his daughter, has dealt and overcome.

His stories brought a sense of reality and purpose to the message of living with a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).

Throughout the session, he continued to enthrall the membership with card tricks and mind-benders.
He shared a video of some people moving about in a room, and gave specific instructions on counting them. What was missed by most was the moment when a person wearing a gorilla suit stood in the middle of the room, for several seconds. Most were so transfixed on counting the number of people in different colors that the gorilla in the room went completely unnoticed.

There were other factors that were lost, as well. The video demonstrated how we can be blind to what is plainly in front of us when fixating on only a small element of the overall picture.

Mr. Leeds also spent a few minutes having the crowd in the room brainstorm a bit on how to better enrich the SCA. Some excellent program ideas, speakers, topics and events were shared out of that discussion.

“It was great to have a strong turnout today,” stated SCA President Steve Moore. “This was really a worthwhile luncheon program.”

McCurley was just happy to have his money reappear!

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